Land Flavor: Hsieh Chi-Chang Abstract Creation Exhibition
Artists| Hsieh Chi-Chang , 
Time|2019/03.08 – 2019/03.08
Open Hours|11am-06pm
About Exhibition:

The concept and work-foundation of “Land Flavor” was formed by Hsieh Chi-Chang as a recap after his previous artwork series “Natural Overture” and “Travel Trace”.


By going through all the working experience and process repeatedly with the personal life experience which he had been through, he was able to unleash a true side of his feeling toward the nature and reevaluate the gap between him and the environment as a human being but not as an environmentalist.


The ideas of his art work are based on freedom and self-intuition. In every artwork of him, a pure focus and simplicity were expressed by interaction between the nature and harmony to wake every hidden part of how the humanity might have based on what they saw at their surroundings. The mix between Calligraphy and graffiti were combined and used as one on the paintings is to demonstrate the balance and connection between Eastern and Western art, and also to show the ideal “inner map” for everyone based on the way they look at the nature.


There are couple thing which the audience could discover from the exhibition. For instance, the writing and symbol that based on random graffiti and calligraphy etc. They stood out as the trace and inner memory that humanity and the nature ever shared. Each brash stroke shows the multiple combinations between how human life is intertwined with what they have experienced through natural and how and what they seek to perfect their work for the nature or environment. In other word, it is like viewing an ambiguous vibe from everything that has been existing for a long time to “How” they are perfected to be a better piece of art work.